Sponsorship Program

The Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival reaches more than 20,000 visitors each year. This provides unique opportunities for companies in the region to make their brand known in a cultural context.

Corporate Partnership.

Companies that wish to sponsor and collaborate with the Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival can do so in many ways. Choose between being a principal sponsor, presenting sponsor, a programme sponsor, a theme sponsor or an education sponsor. We also design and tailor various forms of collaboration between businesses.

The target group of the Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival is far-reaching. The unique mixture of jazz, blues and world music makes the  Festival a meeting place that also appeals to a younger audience.

Some of the benefits of sponsorship

With our Sponsors we:

  • Deliver world class talent to our audiences
  • Produce performances that celebrate the legacy and expand the boundaries of jazz, blues and world music
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and artistic excellence within local communities and around the globe
  • Create innovative jazz education programs that give Canadian children and youth the opportunity to enjoy live music and interact with professional musicians.
  • Bring local communities together through music and culture 

Sponsorship with Art of Jazz provides:

  • A fully integrated, multi-tiered marketing opportunity designed to give long-term sustained sponsorship presence across multiple media channels, year round
  • Hospitality opportunities throughout the year
  • A unique opportunity to showcase community responsibility
  • The opportunity to customize the sponsorship opportunity to meet your marketing goals

What’s more, you will also be contributing long-term towards improving the competitiveness and relevance of arts, culture and businesses in the region. 

Business Development and Sponsorship

Bruno Romano, Director of Development: 416 840-7663 email bruno@artofjazz.org
Marty Starkman, Executive Producer  416 840-7663. Email marty@artofjazz.org